Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Always time for a first time

It has taken me quite a while to force myself to start a blog, mainly because I never really gave them much thought before.
Times change though and I am a firm believer in changing with them hence the blog.

About the blog

A lot of the focus of this blog will be about some of the things I do as a developer, things I learn and things I see others doing. There will be blogs about other things in my life too.

Currently I am involved in the publishing of a new book entitled PrimeFaces Cookbook something that should be available at the end of 2012. I will be posting more about this when the book becomes available.

About me

My profile will contain more of this information but until I get that sorted here it is

I currently work as a lead developer for web based applications for a leading agricultural machinery manufacturer in Germany.
Although English I and my Wife decided that we wanted to live in Germany and since then we have 2 kids, a house, a cat and a varying population of African Giant Snails

Apart from my time as a software developer I also enjoy singing, cooking and I also run a youth shooting group for a local sports shooting club.

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