Monday, 12 November 2012

Dinner Guests

On the face of things: well worth the effort!

Every year my Wife and I invite a group of friends for dinner. It was that time of year last Saturday.

Most of our guests arrived punctually even though we aren't really sticklers for this on such occasions.
It was nice of them to make the effort though!

What awaited them was a 5 course meal with a selection of wines from my cellar.

  1. A slice Game Pie with green salad as a starter.
    Because we live in the country and some of my friends go hunting regularly we have a ready supply of boar, venison, pheasants, pigeons and in this case hare. One of the guests supplied the hare for this one.
  2. Lobster or Paprika soup.
    We always try to offer more than one soup because you can never guarantee everyone will like the one you do make.
  3. Smoked Salmon in vol-au-vent topped with either a Garlic or Yoghurt and Dill sauce, garnished with bean sprouts.
  4. Roast Veal with Roast Potatoes (secret recipe makes mine golden yellow packets of oral joy!), vegetables and Gravy.
  5. Tiramisou for dessert.

To wash this lot down I had Mumms Sekt, Monbijou 2009 (a delicious french red medium dry wine), Rivaner 2004, Chappelle 2007.

Altogether we had 12 people to dinner.
Considering that all the food was cooked by me with my Wife providing invaluable assistance I was very pleased to hear that everyone was not only stuffed but enjoyed every mouthful!

We have been doing this for several years now and it looks like the traditional pre-Christmas feed with our friends will continue.

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